About Us

An ancient art rediscovered. Tattooing has been dated back as late as 6000 BC. Yet, the first modern outbreak of the trend sparked not long after the 18th century. Now more than 300 years later, tattooing has reached a new pinnacle.

About Us:

Founded in 2011, Tatski has adopted the unique and brilliant style of tattoo art. Escaping ordinary traditions and becoming original, we have replicated the masterpieces done in tattoo studios and presented them on the best fitting canvas we could think of. Skateboard decks.

Our passion is simple. We believe that skateboarding, like tattooing, is a means of expression. By understanding the cultures and forms of art in both industries, we desire to combine and complement these unique fields of expression. In combining the differences and the specialties behind each individual culture, Tatski's goal is to redefine and transform the meaning of art and the image of tattoo art. We believe that every graphic should be authentic, personal, and creatively developed with emphasis on details and thought. 

By introducing a line of one of a kind products, Tatski hopes to capture an audience that will rethink the "grungy", negative image of the tattoo world and its art. 

Our Passion is art. Our Mission is to combine the differences between the many expressive, creative, and artistic industries in the world, creating diversity within unity and introducing a collection of timeless products that center around the same themes: art and appreciation. Our Vision is to redefine the meaning of art and to heighten the beauty and pride in different cultures and industries. 

- The Tatski Family