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      Our DNA

      Founded in 2011, Tatski is a contemporary art gallery, showcasing unique and uncommon artwork from around the world. In meshing different techniques, cultures, and styles, we became original while still cultivating the traditions of those we've collaborated with. By focusing on the brilliant skill and artistry of tattooing, we have replicated the masterpieces done in tattoo studios and presented them on some of the best fitting canvas we could think of. 

      Why skateboards?

      A skateboard is an ideal canvas because it is affordable, portable, and has immense utility - whether in skating or as a piece of decorative wall art. A skateboard is also a symbol for freedom and expression. There is a sense of power to break social barriers.

      Skateboards, tattoos, and a love for art...

      Our passion is simple. We believe that skateboarding, like tattooing, is a means of expression. By understanding the cultures and forms of art in both industries, we wanted to combine these ways of expression. Our goal is to redefine and transform the meaning of art, the image of tattooing, and the perception of tattoo culture. We believe that every graphic and illustration should be authentic, personal, and creatively developed with emphasis on details and the emotion it brings to the viewer. By introducing a line of one of a kind products, Tatski hopes to capture an audience that will rethink the "grungy", negative image of the tattoo world and its art. We hold ourselves as true groundbreakers that look to be free and more importantly, to break social barriers together.